We specialize in personalized service to keep your home well cared for while you are away. We will create a customized checklist, tailored to your needs. And make your "homecoming" a pleasant experience. Prices will vary according to the size of your home, services provided and frequency of visits. Complete details and references available upon request. Please call for an appointment. 480-563-9593

Basic Service

Interior/exterior property walk through
Check all doors and windows
Inspect Heat/Air Conditioning settings
Inspect water heater, washer/dryer
Inspect faucets, freezers and wine coolers
Run ceiling fans for 10 minutes
Check all telephone lines, alarms and cable TV
Water indoor plants
Operate garage doors
Inspect all exterior areas of property, gates and pool area
Collect newspaper and mail

Basic Plus Service

Inspect for insect infestation
Mail forwarding
Check for interior leaks and heavy rain
Put out waste bins as necessary
Water interior plants and trees
Stock refrigerator before arrival
Light and deep house cleaning after departure or prior to arrival
Movement of vehicles

Special Services

Meet with contractors and repair persons
Organize and cater special events and parties
Drive pet to groomer and vet
Personal shopping assistance
Basic maintenance
Reminder service
Airport transportation for homeowners and their guest

Immediate notification to homeowners of important maintenance requirements.
Monthly reports to homeowners via email or standard mail.
On call 24/7 for special service requests and emergency response for home owners and their guests.
Monthly billing for all scheduled maintenance and services.


Let’s start with Mother Nature. Depending on where you live, storms, floods, wind, and monsoons can all cause considerable damage to your home. If not attended immediately the damage can multiply. Today’s modern homes contain a lot of machinery. Some run constantly or intermittently such as air conditioning/heating, refrigerators, freezers, wine coolers, pool equipment, etc. Hopefully nothing will go wrong with such equipment but if left unattended for longer periods, they could fail and cause considerable damage.

For example; freezer fails and food defrosts, or wine cooler fails and several hundred dollars worth of wine is ruined. According to Murphy’s Law; “If there is a possibility for several things to go wrong, it is always the one that causes the most damage “

Here just a few of the possible trouble spots in and around your home:

Doors and windows- unlocked, open, cracked, broken

Burglar alarms- proper operation, backup battery condition

Smoke alarms- proper operation, changing of backup battery

Landscape lighting- damaged, burned out bulbs, cut wiring, timer not set correctly

Landscape irrigation- incorrect timer setting, defective timer, damaged/defective valves, damaged pipes or tubing, dripping hose bibs

Wouldn't it feel good knowing that everything will be just right when you return home?

Insured and Bonded

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